Alternative Energy


Are you confused about how solar works? This simple guide will help even the most confused muggle understand how alternative energy will benefit them.

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Incintives & Rebates


Not sure how the Incentives programs work? Find out the simple and easy funding resources to homeowners and commercial business get the most out of solar energy.

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Solar Panel Systems


Need a solar installer cheat sheet? Solar panel systems can lower your energy bill by up to 60 percent, and with no money down plans and incentives, but who is offering the best deal?

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Educating • Understanding • Leveraging


    Free Guides To Alternative Energy

  • How Solar Works
  • What Solar Installer To use
  • Deals, Rebates and Incentives
  • Solar Secrets and Bonus Section


Educating • Understanding • Leveraging



There are many solar calculators online, it’s hard to pick which one is right one. Here are some great resources to help you calculate the best solar savings in California.


Cost & Payments

Biggest question is how much will it cost, how much will it save. How long will it take to pay back.


Incentives & Offers

Incentive amounts will likewise vary depending on your solar system size, system performance, customer class, utility provider, and program deployment phase. Click here to view the current incentive and tariff levels.
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Common Solar Power Systems for Homes

Perhaps you’re already familiar with DIY solar power kits. The idea may sound inviting however, a lot of people are scared to create their own solar power system. Solar power is usually available in three kinds. You too can use any of these powers gradually.
People usually associate solar power with solar panels. But you see, solar panels are not the only source of power. You can choose among the several components known today. Take a look at these solar components that you can use at home.

1. Solar cookers – this is already a common way of using solar

Some people may find the cooker slow in terms of performance but if you’re not rushing, you can surely cook on time. You can use the solar cooker to roast, bake, and boil. This is best suited for a small family with a maximum of 5 members. You will no longer need fuel since you will be using only sunshine. There are also no emissions or smoke.

2. Solar thermal systems – this is an ambitious system

Simply an update of the oldest known consumer technology. In this system, you will need solar panels. From the panels, the sun’s heat is transferred to a water tank.

The water in the tank is heated. Your home can also be heated by putting some pipes. This was already available back in the 80s but it was rather expensive. Today, the thermal systems are more affordable and efficient.

3. Solar generators –

Many homeowners are now utilizing solar generators for alternative power. The generator makes use of photovoltaic cells where the power inverter is hooked. You can use the solar generators for your lighting system at home.

The electrical power is stored in the batteries and you can use it later. By using solar generators, it would be possible to run some electrical appliances. If you have $200, you can already create the generator.
A wealth of information can be found on the net if you simply do your homework and look for useful info. By purchasing the DIY kits, you can create your own solar power system.

There are also instructional materials available online that provide step by step instructions on how to create solar panels or cells.

It would help a lot if you conduct a search online and read the step by step instructions there; that way, you can determine if you can carry out the project or not.
Solar power systems are not that difficult to create especially if you already have a considerable knowledge about it.

All you will need to do now is to establish a workable budget so that you can start with the right project that you can afford.

You can start with very simple solar power systems for your home like the solar generators.

The generators are much more affordable and easy to make. After some time, you can now make more complicated plans like the thermal systems. Solar power for homes is an excellent alternative to those who want to save on electricity and help save the earth.

Here are some great ideas from alternative energy professionals in San Diego.

• When doing your solar research get bids from at least three solar companies and compare them we recommend starting with the best solar company in San Diego and getting a complete Solar Analysis. A great starting point for comparable bids.